Data Recovery Software

Datahelp assures to provide the best data recovery tool to let the users restore valuable data efficiently and quickly. Many users face the problem of data loss due to file being corrupted, formatted or accident deletion of data. We have come forward with the reliable and efficient data recovery application, service to restore the data in different scenarios. To cater the need of users, we offer data file recovery solution in two different approaches:

Data Recovery Products

The Data Recovery Tools are available to support almost every kind of applications. Different number of software helps the user to recover data in an efficient and reliable manner. Every application has been designed to cater the need of users in an efficient, reliable and easy manner. Moreover, the data file recovery utility assure to recover complete data from the files.

Storage Media Solution

A number of data recovery are incorporated under our group, which helps the user to recover data from vast range of physical devices such as memory cards, USB drive, external SD cards, hard-drive, pen drive, VMware etc. The Data file recovery software is designed with perk to restore complete data from the lost partition or formatted digital devices, mobiles, etc., without any data loss issue. These user-friendly software lets the user recover any kind of files from the inaccessible or corrupted storage devices.

Server Data Approach

We provide data recovery Solutions to restore files from various application servers used among the users. A broad support is offered to recover the mail data from different email servers such as MS Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, Zarafa, Novell GroupWise server, etc. The automated software to restore data from corrupted or inaccessible files of the server helps the user to retrieve information from the native file formats of the server. The data is retrieved from the server without harming its original formatting and integrity.

Recover Data from Email Clients

Wide ranges of data recovery software are available to restore the files from different email clients. The products assure to recover data from vast category of email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Outlook Mac, etc. The tools for email client recovery offer to restore data from corrupted files, hard deleted items from the mailbox or inaccessible mailboxes. All the software intends to carry out recovery from any size of files without posing any limitation on the file size being recovered.

Database Server Restoration

Our data recovery tools proposes to assist the users to recover data files from different database applications such as SQL Server, MS Access, SharePoint, SQLite database. The advance algorithms of the software ensure to extract data from the deleted/corrupted data files without introducing any data loss. The user can easily restore the database objects from any kind of database file within few easy steps. The data is recovered by maintaining data integrity, atomicity and consistency.

Miscellaneous Data Files

To provide wider usability, we also provide the recovery wizard to extract data from miscellaneous data files such as text files (.doc, .txt, etc.), CSV files, VCF files and many more files generated from different applications. An efficient approach is guaranteed to return the data from damaged or corrupted file, deleted data extraction from these files. The recovery is carried out without manipulating the original format of files.

Backup Data Restore

To ease out the task of recovering the backup files, we offer variety of data recovery software. These wizards help the user in recovering the backup files, which may be inaccessible due to corruption or damage issue. An efficient approach is provided to restore the data from various backup files such as Windows backup file, SQL Server backup, Exchange Server backup files etc. These tool excel to recover the backed up data in an error free and efficient way. The recovery tools does not introduce any kind of data loss or data alteration.

Data Recovery Service in India

Datahelp offers the data recovery services in India to assist the user in recovering the valuable data without any data loss. This service can be utilized by the users to recover any kind of data at ease; without much effort. The complete recovery task is performed by our team. Our data retrieval team facilitates to provide services in the following major sphere:

Forensic Data Carving

Our service helps the digital forensics users to carry out the investigation in an easy manner. We provide a trust-worthy Best data recovery Softwares & services to recover the deleted or inaccessible data from suspected media, email applications etc. The team attentively looks into the forensics matter to understand various aspects and carry out the investigation of the digital evidences using highly advanced retrieval software. The data recovery service can be availed for any kind of digital evidences such as computers, mobile phones, network monitoring etc. The digital forensics services can be further categorized as:

Forensics for Computer/Mobile

It involves carrying out forensic investigation on the physical devices such as computer or email. It is meant to collect the evidences from the internal specification such as collecting data from hard drive, internal storage etc. Various techniques are applied to extract all the data from the suspected computer or smart phones. It assures to recover all kind of deleted, formatted or corrupted data from the system and serve as the beneficial service for the investigators.

Investigating Email Applications

The data recovery service also supports to carry out forensics research in the email applications. Our forensics service team assists to investigate the email accounts of suspect and smartly extract the relevant information. The methodology used is so much efficient that it can recover even the hard deleted emails. The emails can be investigated and restored from any kind of email applications. This utility provides an assistance to deal with online frauds, scams, and extract the valuable information against such illegal activities.

Analysis, recovery of Network Data

Our forensics service helps to analyze the network traffic and its associated parameters. We discover and investigate the reason behind the attacks on the network. Any kind of network failure, attack on server, etc., can be easily detected by the forensics team. Further, the efficient resolution is provided to meet with the disastrous inaccessibility or data loss situation. Every feasible solution is provided to recover the data from the affected network.

Cloud Data Restore

Understanding the present scenario where cloud technology is being used worldwide, we have come forward to help the users in recovering data from cloud. Many users rely on the cloud service to store the valuable data on a secure platform. However, many times the data are corrupted or deleted from the cloud platform itself. We, the data people, assist users to recover data from various cloud services in an easy and efficient manner. Our cloud recovery experts help to restore data from these cloud services:

Recover data from Cloud emails

It facilitates to return data from various popular web clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and many more. Our data recovery applications helps to recover the deleted emails from mailbox and ensures complete data recovery of every mailbox item. Moreover, any kind of corrupted or damaged mailbox can also be handled by the service experts to extract the inaccessible data from email applications. The users can easily avail data recovery service to restore the mail data from any kind of web client application without any data loss.

Recovery support for Office 365

We serve complete assistance to recover data from Office 365, which is the most widely used cloud backup utility. Out data recovery, service helps the user to restore all kind of data items such as emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, etc., from the native files of Office 365. An accurate and complete recovery of Office 365 is assured by the service experts. An attempt is made to recover all the data items from the Office account without any data alteration or corruption issue.

Recovery Assistance For Physical Devices

Datahelp service facilitates to reformation the data from various kinds of physical storage medium. We restore any kind of deleted or corrupted files from storage devices so that the user can conveniently access the healthy data files. Our data recovery service team offers to restore inaccessible or hard deleted data from variety of physical devices such as mounted disc, USB devices, and internal/external storage. Even the formatted memory cards can also be recovered to extract complete data without any formatting issue. Therefore, the users can avail our data recovery solutions to extract data from any kind of electronic devices easily.


We have attempted to develop a wide variety of data recovery softwares to help the users recover the data from different domains. The tools have been designed to meet all the expectations of users in terms of quality, performance, efficiency. We assure that the tools are completely reliable to use and do not introduce any kind of data alteration or data malfunctioning. Moreover, the data recovery service is plausible that recovers any kind of data from different application without any complications.