About DataHelp Team

DataHelp is an Indian based Data solution company, which has a leading role in software and services. In this digital era, data plays the most crucial role for every end user or organization. Being the electronic data, the users face major issues such as data corruption, data backup, data loss etc, which creates a sense of hopelessness among them. To ease the users, we have emerged out with an approach to easily handle precious data in a judicious manner. We provide solution for all groups of users: personal & business related arena. DataHelp works in two different units to assist the users according to their need of data solution:

DataHelp works in two different units to assist the users according to their need of data solution:

A number of trust worthy tools are offered by the company, which ensure to solve every data related issue. We are identified for providing trusted solution in three major domains:

Data Solution

We offer efficient data recovery software for both Windows and MAC OS. The automated tools can be wisely used to recover file from corrupt situation without any data loss. Efficient recovery fixes are also provided for any extent of corrupted files.

Cloud Backup Solution

A complete qualitative solution for Cloud backup maintenance is promised by our Cloud backup tools. The users can safely backup the crucial data of the cloud and easily manage cloud data with few easy steps of the tools.

Digital Forensics

We have come up with vast range of digital forensics software to help the experts in carrying out investigation in an easy and justified manner. The automated forensics tools help you to analyze various suspected issues within no time.

DataHelp offers another service where the users can easily reach to our experience data experts and get the data management done within a stipulated time. Our team provides assistance in the following domains:

Recovery Service

This service involves recovering the file from highly corrupted devices like hard drive, USBs, Pen Drive etc. We assure that no data loss will be encountered during recovery process.

Cloud Service

Our skilled team workers offers to take the backup of entire cloud data using the automated Cloud Backup tools. A complete assistance is provided to migrate the cloud data to local system and vice-versus.

Forensics Support

The professional experts investigate the forensic cases using the automated tools. After analyzing the complete scenario, a valid resolution or conclusion is prescribed by them.


DataHelp is an Indian company, which fully focuses on data Solution at user ease. Variety of recovery products & services are initiated by our expertise. Key solutions for file conversion and Forensics Investigations are developed at DataHelp with customized improvements and user friendly features supporting all those latest editions of technology.